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Let us do the heavy lifting with our automated Financial Newsletter.

Financial Newsletter

Financial NewsletterService2Clients’ CPA Email Newsletter (CENL) is a Financial Newsletter that uses the latest technology to create and send the latest tax and financial news to your clients.  This way, you can spend time on more important things like running and growing your business. Better still, we wrap this newsletter in a full-color HTML email template that is personalized with your company information. It’s so easy! You build your subscriber list, we do the rest. These days everyone has or provides news to their clients.  Let Service2Client help you with timely financial content. Just set it and forget it!

We’ve got the muscle to update your clients for you!

Financial Newsletter"I am pleased to share my experience using Service2Client as our monthly email newsletter article source. The articles we receive are timely and relevant to our industry and audience. We continually hear feedback from our clients on the pertinent content of our newsletter. "Thank you, Service2Client, for the valuable service that you provide. You make our monthly newsletter a breeze."

- Melissa Fraser, Partner - Strothman & Company PSC

  • Mail Sprinkler has combined both the Email Newsletter with the ability to send custom mass email campaigns.
  • It allows you to link your Email Newsletter articles directly to your WordPress blog.
  • It comes with all the tax and financial content you will ever need.
  • Edit our content or use your own.
  • Use Shortcodes to link to the full article on our system or your WordPress blog.

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Dynamic Content License for use in Blogs, Newsletters, and Print

If you need content for use in programs outside Service2client, this is for you.

When you share powerful content with your customers, you build trust and start to form a relationship. You are giving them tools to help them grow and prosper, which is what a fruitful, productive business partnership is all about. What’s more, when they are looking to you for Thought Leadership vis a vis Dynamic Content, they’re likely to be more open about other products and services you might offer them. With this kind of stickiness, it’s a win-win for everyone.

Engage With These Categories

You pick the categories you like and you get the article emails to you once a month.

  1. Tax News
  2. General Business News
  3. Financial Planning
  4. Stock Market
  5. Technology News
  6. Tip of the Month
  7. Congress at Work
  8. Request a New Category

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