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Not only do you need a great website. It would be best if you had great tools to get people there.

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CPA Website ResourcesAs business becomes more and more competitive, large firms have plenty of assets to dominate. It's easy for independent firms to get lost in the shuffle. To succeed and grow, accounting firms need every edge they can find.

That's where Service2Client comes in. We provide a complete selection of dynamic sites – and ever-improving tools to build your firm. We offer the fastest hosting, the highest level of security, and the very best customer service. We deliver the power to bring in and keep clients. By leveraging our blog, newsletter, and social media assets, your firm can build a reputation for being an expert in your field.

Building brands and reputations. In 1998, Service2Client was the first to offer dynamic content created exclusively for CPAs. After 15+ years of working with businesses like yours, no one brings you better insight. We are always on the cutting edge of our category. We believe the quality of your content – and your communications with current and future clients – are powerful ways to build your professional reputation. It would be best if you stayed on top of it – and we are your best partner.

Service comes first in our name. The reason? You, our valuable client. Our company is owned and run by a proud team of entrepreneurs, content editors, content writers, website developers, networking administrators, customer service experts, and software engineers—all based in the US. We are dedicated to customer service - way beyond our competition. We are committed to 110% customer satisfaction. So you can do what you do best – grow and serve more clients.                           

Our Service2Client Mission. Our ongoing mission is to keep our client's brands in the top consideration set of their market. We leverage every new technology – and the most current marketing strategies – to improve our reach. Our clients have more power online to communicate with their base and impress new customers every year.

Our Services

  1. Responsive Websites for CPAs & Websites for Accountants
  2. Secure Website Hosting
  3. Private Email via MSS. Exchange ActiveSync Email
  4. Dynamic CPA Website Content
  5. Industry Best Financial Calculators and Tools
  6. ICFiles, security at its finest
  7. CPA Email Marketing
  8. Advanced CPA Search Engine Optimization

Our Guarantee. We will match or beat any offer you get for a comparable product. Just show us the deal, and we'll beat – not only with the price but with the power of our tools. To succeed in this crowded and competitive marketplace, accounting firms need the best they can find. That's what we aim to be.

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Competitive Advantage

Service2client owns and develops all of the programs you see on this site



Communication is Like a Highway

In the uncertain world of web traffic monitoring, email and FTP file sharing is not good enough.



We Can Hear You

Secure file share desktop application. Simply copy or print a document to a Windows folder and you're done!



CPA MyWeb Bundle

MyWeb is Service2client's proprietary website building tool.  Easy to use and every fast.



Dynamic Content

Service2client started the 1st professional dynamically linked website content back in 1998.



Search Engine Optimization

Service2client offers some of the most cost effective and inexpensive SEO on the market. 



CPA Secure File Share

Overall our firm has had a very positive experience using the ICFiles secure file transfer system. Customer service has always been prompt in addressing our concerns, and Service2Client has been adding new functionalities to increase our overall efficiency. We look forward to their continued innovation and service.

Nancy Campbell, CPA - Tate & Oellrich, Inc. P.S.
CPA Secure File Share

We’re starting to get very busy here now and this CPA secure file sharing system is even better. Saves me time when I have to send updates to a client. Now I can do it all from one place. With 750 clients, the sort feature is a real nice touch.....And I thought only great BBQ came from Texas!

Tom Hilla, IT Director - Galanti & Company, P.C.
CPA Website Tools

The articles we receive are timely and relevant to our industry and audience. We continually hear feedback from our clients on the pertinent content of our newsletter. Thank you, Service2Client, for the valuable service. You make our monthly CPA eNewsletter a breeze!

Melissa Fraser, Partner - Strothman & Company PSC
CPA Website Tools

We have been using your Dynamic Content links for over a year and we are very happy. We are pleased with the positive responses from our clients and will continue to use your service and recommend it to other businesses to help them improve their websites.

Michael R. Choate, CPA
CPA Websites

Thank you for doing a great job in setting up my new CPA website. I researched several web designers and you have shown me that your company was a great choice. Thanks for all your help!

Robert W. Murphy, P.C.
Secure File Transfer

We want to express our complete satisfaction with your ICFiles secure client portal services. We have been using your service for the past year and have found it to be very user and client friendly.

John Burke CPA, Principal - Burke & Associates CPAs, P.C.
Website Content

We have been using your financial calculators on our website since we started it over ten years ago. Not only do our clients like the website and appreciate the financial tools you allow us to provide, I use them myself several times a month.

Brian Toennies CPA - Toennies & Associates
Website Content

We have been using Service2Client for approximately 9 years now. The dynamic content you supply to our website is one of the few things I have never had to worry about. The calculators are great, the monthly articles are relevant, and the resources page is helpful to our clients. The fair pricing and solid content has kept us with Service2Client for all of these years now. Thank You.

Shawn Williamson, CPA - Fick, Eggemeyer & Williamson
CPA Email Newsletter

RBSK Partners PC has been utilizing Service2Client's Email Manager program CPASS for over a year. It has been a wonderful way to communicate upcoming events, law changes and general accounting information to our clients and prospective clients. Service2Client has been a great company to work with and their customer service is excellent.

Lisa Tressler, Shareholder - RBSK Partners PC
CPA Secure File Transfer

On behalf of the partners and myself, thank you for a job well done! We are extremely pleased with the new custom CPA website you designed for us. It is both aesthetically pleasing and easy to navigate. We are certain this new design will present a professional image and help us in our marketing efforts. We would also like to express our thanks to you and your team for making this experience so easy for us. Your effective communication skills and artistic intuition helped us get close to what we wanted on the first try; and you were quick to respond to requests for revisions. I would not hesitate to recommend your services to colleagues.

Theresa McCoy, IT Manager - KDP CPAs, LLP
CPA Secure File Share

We as a firm we have been extremely pleased with the service and support we have received from Service2Client. The technician who helped us set up the meat of the site, using your excellent CPA Website framework, was very responsive to our questions and suggestions. The end product has represented us well with our clients.

Nigel I. Cowan, CPA - Turner Ferguson Cowan Shelton & Sager, PC

As you know, we thought about doing a website for a few years. I don't know why we waited as long as we did; working with Service2client was an absolute pleasure. The courteous, professional and attentive manner in which you both served us was refreshing and, truly, a delightful experience. The website, with its "dynamic content" is nothing less than awesome. I would recommend Service2Client to any CPA firm looking for a modestly priced, user friendly and great looking CPA website. The SEO work has also grown my business.

Paul E. Daoust & Company, P.C.
Dynamic Content

I'd like to put what I talked about in black and white for you and all to see. First since the introduction of our website I've sought to make it as user friendly and inviting as possible. We at Reeder & Associates work hard at trying to keep it simple but useful. 'News, Information and Tools" tab has taken our website to a whole new level. The Newsletter and articles are informative and bring out the thought of '...perhaps I need to contact Chris and ask him how this may apply to me.' And the cartoon shows even CPAs have a lighter side. Keep up the good work.

Christopher D. Reeder CPA
CPA Websites

Service2Client was able to take our high-level custom design and provide the value added advice and design that makes our website a true resource for our clients, and a marketing tool for our firm. The team at Service2Client was proactive in addressing our needs and was great from inception of the project to completion.

Roger Gallivan, CPA - Finlogic LLC
Website Content

I very rarely get comments from info that we mail, so I was kind of shocked that clients would comment about the newsletter content on our site. I found that we were 'passing' more clients TO our website to answer questions related to the CALENDAR and some of the content specific newsletters that were there. The neat part was that once we pushed the site on them, they were calling back and saying .... "Gee, I did not know that you guys did that as well ..." which generated income and interest!

Brett W. Sabio, CPA-PFS
CPA Website Tools

We have found the Dynamic Content to be an easy, automatic way to provide interesting and up-to-date information on our website.

John M. Wilson, CPA - Borland Benefield, P.C.
Secure Hosting

Without a doubt, some of the best money I have ever spent in my practice is the yearly fee to your company.  Not only from a cost cost/benefit standpoint, your service is impeccable.  I have given my building mate, a law practice, your contact information.

Dana C. Overall, CPA, PSC
CPA Websites

Your customer service through the whole process of getting my CPA website published has been fantastic! You're very timely with responding to requests and have been helpful the whole way through.

Emily Edwards CPA
Online Website Calculators

I have used Service2Client for providing CPA website content to my website for ten plus years and have always been extremely pleased.  The monthly articles and calculators provide my clients with up to date information and the tools to help in the planning of their futures and tax strategies. Helping my clients navigate the complexities of the tax code is paramount in my business and Service2Client helps me to do that.

Rhonda l. Scott, EA - SMG Inc.
CPA Website Tools

You all are awesome!!!!  Very pleased we chose you years ago!!!!

Gregory L. Nowling, CPA
CPA Websites

I’ve spent some time this evening navigating through the site using the MyWeb editor! and couldn’t be happier with the product! Easy to use and fast customer service.

Steven W. Dearien, CPA, CGMA

Excellent service...the SEO experts are great, they call back immediately and help you through the process.

Carmen Velazquez
CPA Websites

On a side note, merely by having this great looking website, along with an Adwords program, I have generated probably a 15x return on my investment.  I thank you for such a professional looking CPA website and CPA eNewsletter.

Dana C Overall CPA
Secure Hosting

Excellent…thanks. You guys do a great hosting service there.

Jon A. Huber
CPA Website Template

I started a new practice in 2013 after being a partner in a small local firm for a number of years. In light of the potential security risks involving tax practices, one of my first concerns was to ensure my new firm implemented a secure file system where secure sending and receiving of sensitive information to and from clients was as seamless and user friendly as possible while maintaining proper levels of encryption. Service2Client and ICFiles was the perfect fit for me! We have used the Secure File Sharing as well as Newsletters, and website Content since starting the practice two years ago and could not be more pleased with the results. I look forward to being your client for years to come!

TJ Casey CPA
CPA Websites

Service2Client has had exceptional service and outstanding tech support. Their CPA web design support and simplicity in implementation has always been spot on. If your thinking about going with Service2Client, it will be a very good move.

Mark A. Hightower, CPA
Website Content

I have been a customer of Service2Service for the last few years. I like everything they do for me and have been satisfied with both the CPA website content and their extra activities they provide as well. ICFiles their secure portal for CPAs if fantastic. I am a small tax and accounting office with clients all over the United States and they are responsive to every action I want to perform. Looking forward to the upgrade and more.

William J. Flynn CPA
CPA Secure File Share

My office Regalia & Associates CPAs uses ICFIles to securely share documents with our tax and audit clients. It's been a great resource for our office and clients.

Jenny Jensen

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