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Dynamic Post

Need some glue to keep your existing clients – and a magnet to entice new ones?

It's called Dynamic Post!

We can provide powerful, engaging articles for Websites, newsletters and blogs!

Dynamic Post

You Never Get a Second Chance to Make a First Impression, and Dynamic Post does all the work for you.

When people come to your CPA Website, you have virtually seconds to hook them in, Dynamic Post can help. CPA Website Content can keep them there longer. That’s what website content and online calculators do for you – it grabs customers and keeps them coming back for more.

New Dynamic Content Features

The RSS Feed

The RSS feed is customized with your company's name a RSS feed is now part of all Dynamic Content subscriptions.

Your client's can:

  1. Add your customized articles to Outlook.
  2. Add your customized articles to any browser.
  3. Add your customized articles to mobile devices news fees.

The WordPress Plugin:

  1. Dynamic Post WordPress Plugin will auto post articles to your WordPress blog!!
  2. Pick one article or all seven.
  3. Place article shortcode anywhere on your website that you like and our articles will show up there.
  4. You get a Full Version API Key to use with your Dynamic Content subscription. Request one here.

The Articles:

  1. Content is to provide high quality content that is automatically updated monthly on your website at a great price.  Not having content on your website is like showing up at party without a tieSometimes the only impression you will ever get to make on more than half the visitors that come to your site is their first impression of your firm.  Content breathes life into an otherwise lifeless website design.
  2. Content is to foster call-ins that can translate into billable time for you. All of our articles are written for the purpose of fostering call-ins to you.
  3. Content is to give your clients and prospective clients a reason to come back to your website again and again.
  4. Content has Social Media links.  You can post these articles on social media websites like Facebook and Twitter. The posts will carry your company's name and logo and will bring the secondary reader back to your website.
  5. Add Bing Translate to Dynamic Content and the articles are in Spanish, works with 51 languages.

What you get:

  • Plugin is Free and can be downloaded from
  • Custom CSS is allowed.
  • Free Subscription gives you up to 7 articles a month, the articles are replaced every month with new ones. Free has no images and not archive.
  • Full Subscription gives you up to 7 articles a month and you keep the articles for as long as you have a current subscription. This option comes with article images and predesignated SEO Meta Data.
  • Full Subscription gives you an archive of all your articles and shortcodes to place any article anywhere on your website.
  • Full Subscription will provide your high-end website will all the great content you need.
  • The SEO power allow is worth the cost of subscription!
  • Canonical Links come pre-installing in content.

Topics to choose from:

Swipe right and left to see all the Plans

Dynamic Post Tabs

Dynamic Content License for use with Blogs, Newsletters and Print

Get the content you need when you need it and where you need it!

When you share powerful content with your customers, you build trust and start to form a relationship. You are giving them tools to help them grow and prosper, which is what a fruitful, productive business partnership is all about. What’s more, when they are looking to you for Thought Leadership vis a vis Dynamic Content, they’re likely to be more open about other products and services you might offer them. With this kind of stickiness, it’s a win-win for everyone.

Engage With These Categories

You pick the categories you like and you get the article emails to you once a month..

  1. Tax News
  2. General Business News
  3. Financial Planning
  4. Stock Market
  5. Technology News
  6. Tip of the Month
  7. Congress at Work
  8. Request a New Category

Leverage These Mediums

Service2Client LLC’s articles have copyright usage rules

  1. Dynamic Content Subscribers can reprint our articles in a monthly printed newsletter only if the subscription base is less than 2,500 per month.
  2. The articles can also be used in CPASS only if the subscription base is less than 2,500 per month.
  3. Email Programs: To use the articles in an mass email program like Constant Contact or Mail Chimp you need a  Subscription.
  4. Blogs/Webpages: The articles may not be used in blogs like WordPress without first getting a Subscription for that type of use.
  5. Blog License: Blog licenses are only good during the subscription period of one of our products. After the subscription cancels, all copyrighted material must be removed from your blog or web server.
  6. Blog Attribution: All Blog posts containing any Service2client articles will need to have the following attribution:
    1. You may not have a “written by your name or company name” listed in the content area of the post.
    2. The WordPress Logged in Users Name that posts the blog should be one of the following (Posted on “date” by “user”) the user must be "blank" or (by “News”) or (by "Service2client" ).
  7. Calculators: Anyone can Bookmark or Link To (via a Backlink) to our Home page or our Calculator page, but no one can use our links by "embed" or "iframe". No one can present calculators as their own or being part of thier website, without a Subscription.

Proper usage of free links:

You can copy and paste these links into a blog, socail media and webpages.

Linking to our articles through Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and others via services like “Share This” is approved for all articles and content.


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