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SEO for CPAs

Tired of being listed on the 3rd 4th or even the 5th page?

Undiscovered CPA Websites are like a talented person without any connections. SEO for CPAs is the best place to get your website started. In order to be seen, you have to optimize and submit your website. That’s why Service2Client offers the proven education, experience, knowledge and resources that will increase traffic to your CPA website and help you achieve results!

SEO for CPAsWant to increase search engine exposure by 1000%

The graph to the right is from one of our clients. When they started with us their website listed at near zero. Now they have 10 times the search engine listings as their nearest competitor.

You see, we believe in finding the magic formula and using proven techniques. Each site is individually viewed and accessed by our team in order to properly determine the combination of methods that will achieve the results desired. Below is a list of what you can expect Service2Client to deliver each and every time.


SEO for CPAs
Standard Features
  • Determine and analyze each client's CPA Website SEO goals and goal locations
  • Conduct keyword research insuring only the Most Relevant Search Terms are used
  • Develop an SEO Strategy
  • Add meta tags, alt tag, header tags, keyword placement, site index, site map, robot files
  • Create, apply and manage SEO Materials for each site
  • Manage Google/Bing Places
  • Manage Webmaster Tools Google/Bing
  • Email reports showing increased rankings
  • Social Media Engagements
  • Brand Monitoring aka Online Reputation
  • Submit site to major search engines and web directories
  • Monitor SEO Campaign and Strategy Results
  • Manage SEO Campaign, adjusting as needed to keep you on top
Premium Features
  • Backlinks Audit, Toxic Link Mediation
    • Monitor and remove toxic backlinks
  • Backlink Campaign
    • Solicit 10 authentic backlinks per month
  • Scheduled Social Media for Accountants
    • Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google +, Pinterest
    • 7 Articles per social media account per month
    • Submit a schedule or login and schedule yourself
  • LinkedIn PPC Campaign
    • Monthly management of Adwords account
  • Adwords PPC Campaign
    • Monthly management of Adwords account

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Why CPAs can't afford to ignore SEO - Accounting firms without optimized websites risk losing business to competitors.

"No matter how adept you are at building a website, no one will visit unless it's properly marketed. They can't come if they don't know it's there.”
                                                                                                                                         PC Magazine

This is how we you get connected!

Our monthly packages are based on population of your target area and premium features. Call for custom quotes for State and National SEO. We don't charge by keyword phrase. 

You can add Premium services to any Plan!

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