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Social Media for CPAs

Social media for CPAs

What does Scheduled Auto-posting do?

Social Media for CPAs is a new and more innovative way to share what you want to share on social media. People have called it great names before, like your Social Media Assistant, the Siri of Social Media, or Social Media Auto Posting.

What it does is simple. According to the posting schedule you put in place, posts in your queue will be sent out automatically.

It's like your magic box you can use anytime to fill with great Tweets, Facebook stories, or LinkedIn updates. Just drop them in, and you don't have to ever worry about when it will be posted; it's all taken care of by Buffer for you.

Login and:

  • Upload your Dynamic Content RSS Feed
  • Set your posting schedule for the month
  • 7 Articles per social media account per month
  • Facebook, FB Business, Twitter, LinkedIn, LinkedIn Business, Pinterest
  • You're done!

Why use Auto Post instead of regular Social Media posting?

When you get into a routine of Auto Posting everything you find worth sharing, we found that people can become more consistent and focused on their Social Media efforts.

If you know that you have got all these goodies in your Auto Posting Account, your mind is freed from creating other Social Media posts. You can browse on Twitter, Facebook, or wherever you like to hang out. You can reply to people, make new friends and connections and still have great content be sent out from your Buffer.

Get into Auto Posting, and your mind will soon be freed from the urge to "just post something interesting now." Just top up your Auto Posting calendar, and all will be taken care of. In short, you can focus your Social Media efforts on well-being social.

Below is a schedule for Twitter for one week

Social Media for CPAs

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