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Need some glue to keep your existing clients – and a magnet to entice new ones?

It's called Custom Website Content!

We can provide powerful, engaging articles for Accounting Websites, newsletters, and blogs!

Custom Website content

Custom Website ContentYou Never Get a Second Chance to Make a First Impression

When people come to your Website, you have virtually seconds to hook them in; custom website content can accomplish that. Custom website content can keep them there for longer. This is important because Google logs this time and creates a value called Domain Trust. That’s what custom website content does for you – it grabs customers and keeps them coming back for more.

  1. CPA Custom Website content can provide high-quality content that is automatically updated monthly on your website at a great price.  Not having content on your website is like showing up at a party without a tieSometimes the only impression you will ever get to make on more than half the visitors that come to your site is their first impression of your firm.  Content breathes life into an otherwise lifeless website design.
  2. Content is to foster call-ins that can translate into billable time for you. All of our articles are written to foster call-ins to you.
  3. Content is to give your clients and prospective clients a reason to return to your website again and again.
  4. Content has Social Media links.  You can post these articles on social media websites like Facebook and Twitter. The posts will carry your company's name and logo and bring the secondary reader back to your website.
  5. License the articles for use in Blogs, Websites, and eNewsletters like Constant Contact and Print.

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