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Secure Web Hosting

World-Class Reliability Meet First-Class Managed Secure Web Hosting

Get the world-class secure website hosting of the US Military and the first-class customer service of Service2Client

CPA secure web hosting

You can order secure website hosting and email service on this page and get instant access to your new account. Particular web hosting takes 5 minutes to create and start uploading website files. Let Service2Client take care of all the technical stuff while you enjoy one of the world's best networks, with web page load times tested on average to be 95% faster than the rest of the websites on the world wide web.

We have a great control panel for WordPress fans that allows you to keep current on all your security updates for plugin core maintenance.

WordPress Management Tools

Let's face it; managed WordPress services can be expensive and restrictive. Now you can easily manage and secure all of your WordPress installations from one powerful, mobile-friendly dashboard on your server. No third-party plugin or additional paid service is required. What used to take hours now takes only minutes.

You can also one-click install WordPress

Use any free template on this Managed Hosting platform, and you will have a fully functioning website and email starting at only $19.95 a month.



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