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CPA Secure File Transfer

CPA Secure File Transfer

If you are a Tax Pro, you need a CPA Secure File Transfer System.

These days, when it comes to safe, CPA secure file transfer, you can’t be too careful. That’s why we created ICFiles and put it in an AICPA rated SOC 2 Type II data center, an encrypted communication system, aka CPA secure file sharing, like no other. Our advanced technology delivers unrivaled end-to-end security covering all the access points to and from any virtual or physical location. Simply put, we provide customers with confidence.

ICFiles are stored on an encrypted server that is password-protected, allowing you to secure file share your client’s files over the Internet. However, what makes this communication airtight is that all account passwords are designed with one-way encryption so that we don’t know your password. All data is stored encrypted, and only you have the key.

  • ICFiles Express Desktop Application

  • iOS & Android Apps

  • eSignatures

ICFiles Express Desktop App is compatible with any software that can print PDF files! Simply copy or print a document to a Windows folder, and you’re done! Read more about ICFiles Express.


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