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Email Blast Software

Customize your email campaigns easily and automatically

Email Blast Software          

Email Blast SoftwareIf you’ve got the newsletter content, we’ve got the technology to deliver it. That’s what our Email Blast Software Tool (CPASS) is all about. This easy-to-use, hands-on system allows you to customize your content then send with a click of a button! You can alert and inform your clients automatically about important tax filing dates and deadlines, seminars, special messages and more.  Even better, it comes with a FREE custom-designed email template!

If you don't have content you can get pre-written business related content from us for as little at $16.25 per month, a saving of 75% over our stand alone content license.

Just load and click! That’s it!

Email Blast Software"RBSK Partners PC has been utilizing Service2Client's Email Blast Software for over a year. It has been a wonderful way to communicate upcoming events, law changes and general accounting information to our clients and prospective clients. "Service2Client has been a great company to work with and their customer service is excellent."

- Lisa Tressler, Shareholder - RBSK Partners PC


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Dynamic Content License for use in Blogs, Newsletters, and Print

If you need content for use in programs outside Service2client, this is for you.

When you share powerful content with your customers, you build trust and start to form a relationship. You are giving them tools to help them grow and prosper, which is what a fruitful, productive business partnership is all about. What’s more, when they are looking to you for Thought Leadership vis a vis Dynamic Content, they’re likely to be more open about other products and services you might offer them. With this kind of stickiness, it’s a win-win for everyone.

Engage With These Categories

You pick the categories you like and you get the article emails to you once a month.

  1. Tax News
  2. General Business News
  3. Financial Planning
  4. Stock Market
  5. Technology News
  6. Tip of the Month
  7. Congress at Work
  8. Request a New Category

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