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Custom Calculator for Website -

Custom Calculator for Website

Custom Calculator for WebsiteIf you need a full Custom Calculator for Website built from the ground up to suit your exact needs, then Service2client can get that done for you.

Custom Calculators/Estimators can jump-start a website or email marketing plan, answer a complex loan question or confirm a result your website visitor already expects to be true. These custom calculators for website (s) are the fastest way to start almost any marketing project. We will design your custom calculator to be simple to use yet give complex detailed insight into your visitor's needs. We use responsive designs to work great on Tablets, Cell Phones, and PCs.

Then the visitor can contact you for more information, or the visitor fills out an application based on your custom calculator and becomes a valuable prospect.


  • Custom-fit to your exact calculations
  • Please provide us with an example or excel spreadsheet
  • Responsive & mobile-friendly
  • WordPress plug-in, option
  • Back-end access


  • Tax
  • Banking
  • Technology
  • Insurance
  • Science
  • Mortgage
  • Auto Loans
  • Other

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