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What is the most secure file-sharing service?

What is the most secure file-sharing service?

What is the most secure file-sharing service?

What is the most secure file-sharing service? - Online file sharing offers benefits, including ease of access, convenience, and time-saving. However, any digitized document is at risk of getting into the wrong hands. This creates the need to use a secure file-sharing service.

File sharing services

Online file sharing has been made possible by cloud-based technologies, removing the need to use outdated means such as removable devices, peer-to-peer networks, and centralized servers. 

Today there are many free online file-sharing platforms, such as google drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, and iCloud, allowing for easy sharing of files. Unfortunately, the free options have limitations regarding allocated storage space, security, and usability, among other features.

Although electronic file sharing helps to share large files easily and quickly, it is also subject to risks such as hacking, malware, unrestricted access, and loss of sensitive information. Employees also tend to use free unapproved file-sharing systems available online, which puts the data at risk. In other instances, the file transfer services have been used by hackers to steal confidential data. This happened with the WeTransfer file transfer service, which hackers abused to circumvent e-mail gateways that look out for malicious links, as reported by Threat Post.

When transferring files that contain confidential client data, security should be a top consideration. Hence, there is a need to utilize secure file-sharing services.

Secure file sharing involves encrypting files whether they are being sent over the internet or are in a storage state. Other features of a secure file sharing solution should include high-level security technologies, access restrictions, compliance with regulations, audit trails and reporting, updates, and support, among other features that are not included in free file sharing options.

These extra features set apart cloud-based consumer-grade file-sharing options from enterprise-grade file-sharing solutions meant for businesses and sharing confidential data.

Secure File sharing with ICFiles
What is the most secure file-sharing service? Although many solutions are available online, ICFiles, a product of Service2Client, is the go-to solution that meets all the above-mentioned security features and more. This is because the file-sharing solution is hosted on a SOC 2 Type II data center, data is encrypted using 256-bit AES encryption, regular security and vulnerability scanning, user and admin-level permissions, compliance reports available, and free U.S. customer support, among many other features.

Moreover, ICFiles offers a $1 million data breach warranty to guarantee that your data is safe.

These high-level security features offer assurance to all users, whether you are a CPA, financial adviser, work for the government, or a legal professional, that ICFiles provides the best secure file sharing solution.

ICFiles offer monthly and yearly plans. Additionally, there is an almost free 3-month trial offer that gives you access to a feel of the tight security provided by a company listed among the 50 most trustworthy companies in The Silicon Review.

Visit the website for more details.


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