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At [COMPANYNAME], the careful management of your finances is our top priority. We pride ourselves on giving you personalized and thorough service that meets your business or individual needs.
1120 clients have very different accounting requirements than individuals. While tax planning is important, business owners need current information to manage their businesses. Our role is imperative and informative. [COMPANYNAME] concentrates on increasing our 1120 customer's success. We provide services to help you plan your first day, accurately track revenue and receivables, identify key performance indicators, and minimize your tax liability.
Business tax planning and preparation - In many cases, valuable tax deductions can be lost by simple clerical errors. We work with our clients to establish tax strategies, and accounting methods, early in our relationship to ensure a reduction of your taxes.
Employee benefits audits – For companies with 100 or more participants in their benefit plans, we ensure our clients are compliant with federal mandates through yearly employee benefits audits.


At Brown, Brown & Fox, we are dedicated to serving you.

Where you can expect - and get - personalized service. We pay attention to details and your individual needs. We get to know you and strive to ensure your complete satisfaction.


As a further service to our clients, our website offers links to valuable financial tools.

These tools include up to date tax, business and financial news articles, financial calculators, a tax calendar with important filing dates, federal and state tax links, financial terms, and a page that offers links to track your federal and state tax refunds.

Tax Services

At Brown, Brown & Fox, we provide tax services for individuals, estates...

Accounting Services

We provide compilation, review and audit accounting services. We offer these services...

Consulting Services

As much as you would like, not everything fits neatly into your plans. So we provide...

Our Services Our CPA firm in Dallas provides business advisory and accounting services to help increase cash flow and save on taxes.

Tax Planning

Michelle Willis LPPC suggests that your overall business strategy should include proactive, year round tax planning.


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We combine the experience of a large firm with the personal attention that only a small firm can provide. Our clients come back to us year after year because they know they are in good hands. We work to develop long-term relationships; whether your needs are simple or complex, we can help.
Please take a moment and read more about our people, our history, our credentials, and our areas of specialization. If you have any questions or would like more detailed information about how we can help you, don't hesitate to contact us. We would be happy to serve you.
Our People
 Herbert Brown, CPA, CFP, graduated Magna Cum Laude from Midwestern University in 1964. He worked twelve years for Barkley and Dubois, an accounting firm in Stillwater, Oklahoma and then moved to Oklahoma City to work another nine years for Abercrombie and Justiss. In 1973, he formed Brown and Green. In 2001, Mr. Brown's daughter joined the firm and was made a full partner in 2005.  
Twitter handle: @herbertBCPA
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 Martin J. Green, CPA, graduated with honors from Sam Hill University in 1992. He began his career at Abercrombie and Justiss in Oklahoma City. Mr. Green quickly rose in the firm to the status of junior partner. It was there he met Herbert Brown and the two soon decided to strike out on their own. Mr. Green specializes in audits and consulting for strategic business development and management.
Twitter handle: @martingreencpa
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 Felice Brown, CPA, is the most recent addition to the firm. She graduated from Midwestern University in 2001 and began her career at the firm of Shoats, Simmons, and Carrer of Anadarco, Oklahoma. While there, Ms. Brown became the top tax consultant for the firm. In 1985, she was offered a partnership in Brown and Green, where she performs tax and other audits for individuals and businesses.
Twitter handle: @fbrowncpa
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Our People 

Herbert Brown, CPA, CFP, graduated Magna Cum Laude from Midwestern University in 1954. He worked for Pickle and Dubois, an accounting firm in Stillwater, Oklahoma for three years and then moved to Oklahoma City to work for Abercrombie and Justiss, where he met Martin Fox. Though he was offered a partnership in Abercrombie and Justiss, he chose to found Brown and Fox with Mr. Fox. Mr. Brown specializes in strategic tax planning for individuals and businesses.

Martin J. Fox, CPA, graduated with honors from Sam Hill University in 1956. He began his career at Abercrombie and Justiss in Oklahoma City. Mr. Fox quickly rose in the firm to the status of junior partner. It was there he met Herbert Brown and the two soon decided to strike out on their own. Mr. Fox specializes in audits and consulting for strategic business development and management.

Herbert Brown, Jr., CPA, is the most recent addition to the firm and is carrying on the tradition of integrity and professionalism for which we have always stood. He graduated Magna cum Laude from Midwestern University in 1982 and began his career at the firm of Smoot, Dingle and Hackberry of Anadarco, Oklahoma that same year. While there, Mr. Brown became the top tax consultant for the firm. In 1985, he was offered a partnership in Brown and Fox, where he performs tax and other audits for individuals and businesses.

Herbert Brown, Martin Fox and Herbert Brown, Jr., have handpicked a support staff who shares and supports their ideals. Each member of our support staff is an expert in his or her area and we are proud of their consistently high levels of performance. Each member of the team at Brown, Brown and Fox is of invaluable assistance in providing the standard of excellence that is our trademark.

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Our History
The original firm, [COMPANYNAME], began with general accounting services for business and individuals. This developed into strategic planning for individual wealth maintenance, minimization of tax liabilities for individuals and corporations, auditing and consulting services. Recently, Felice Brown has brought Internet and e-commerce accounting services to our firm. We believe in "old school" principles, but we also believe in keeping up with the needs of individuals and businesses in this rapidly changing world.
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Our Credentials
Our firm participates in the Peer Review program prescribed by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants, the Oklahoma Institute of Certified Public Accountants and the Texas Institute of Certified Public Accountants. Our firm was last reviewed in June 1999. The resulting report stated that all of our accounting practices and procedures complied with or exceeded the standards of the industry.
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Our Areas of Specialization
Our entire operation is rooted in a tradition of meeting the highest standards of accounting practices. From this foundation, we offer the following specialized services: strategic tax planning for individuals and businesses, financial planning services for individuals and estates, auditing services for businesses and individuals, consulting services for business development and management, and accounting and tax services for the Internet environment and e-commerce.
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At [COMPANYNAME], we work side-by-side with our clients and tailor our services to fit their specific needs. We combine personal attention and access with the highest levels of technical expertise and specialized knowledge. Timely communication and responsiveness are hallmarks of our client relationships. All of these attributes support our objective of helping you reach your financial goals.
We pursue excellence by staying on top of current developments and technologies. We stay abreast of industry issues and observe the marketplace so we can analyze provide service and advice tailored to your specific needs and goals. We use our experience and resources to develop industry insights and specialized skills that allow us to bring maximum value to your projects. Together all of these factors allow us deliver superior service and act as a trusted business advisor.
A detailed listing of the services we provide is set out below.  Take a look at what we have to offer and how we can help you or your business.
Accounting and Auditing
[COMPANYNAME], only audits privately held companies.  Concentrating on privately held companies means we are free from public company regulations reporting deadlines, disclosure complexities and risk management issues.  As a result, we can focus on what really matter to you and your business.
Audits are usually performed because an outside third party requires an auditor’s opinion on the financial statements.  Audits are performed for the purpose of expressing an opinion about whether the financial statements are fairly presented and that they conform with generally accepted accounting principles or another financial reporting framework.
Audits are the most comprehensive of all the attest services.  Auditing procedures include testing accounting records and examining evidence supporting the amounts and disclosures in the financial statements.  Evidence is obtained through inquiries, analytical procedures, physical inspection, observation, and through independent confirmation. Additionally, audits require an understanding of the entity and its internal controls.
There are certain assurances that audits are not designed to provide. An audit does not provide assurance on or aim to identify deficiencies in internal control. The work performed as part of an audit does give us an understanding of how your company and financial reporting function.  This means we may be able to identify issues related to internal controls, processes, inefficiencies, cash flows problems as well as company and industry trends.  As a result, the work performed during an audit may allow us to provide you with general business advice based on the insights gained during the engagement.
Reviews are usually performed to satisfy third parties that want to be assured that the financial statements are not materially misstated.  They provide a lesser degree of assurance to financial statement users than an audit. Also, unlike an audit, there is no expression of an opinion on the financial statements, testing of controls or financial data. Reviews essentially consist of inquiries of company personnel and analytical procedures applied to financial data.
Compilations provide the lowest level of assurance of the financial statements services.  They are often required by outside third parties as well internally by companies.
In a compilation we assist management in presenting their financial information as financial statements in the proper form.  Compilations also require us to acquire an understanding of the client’s industry and to obtain specific knowledge about the client.  Additionally, we read the financial statements and ensure they are free from obvious material errors.  They provide no expression of an opinion on the financial statements.
Agreed Upon Procedures
Agreed upon procedures are performed when the parties involved concur that they want the accountant to perform a specific procedure or set of procedures.  They can be useful when you or a third party wants some comfort about a specific area such as inventory or cash, but do not need the assurance and related time and expense of a full audit or review. Agreed upon procedures can deal with a diverse variety of subject matter such as the quality of collateral or due diligence related to a business acquisition. In all cases, agreed upon procedures are solely the responsibility of the parties who specify them and they never provide an opinion on the subject matter or financial statements.
Visit our set of Financial Calculators for quick answers on topics such as your IRA, investments, your child's college tuition, and your mortgage or credit card calculations.
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Tax Services
At [COMPANYNAME], we assist our tax clients through efficient compliance and effective planning to help them realize substantial savings.  We use a team approach and focus on timely communication to provide our clients with excellent service. Tax partner and specialist involvement ensure that our clients receive the most experienced technical expertise we have to offer.
We offer the following tax services:
Federal, State and International Business Tax Services
Tax Return Compliance
Preparation of federal, state and international tax returns is the core of our tax services. High-levels of technical and industry specific expertise allow our tax professionals to ensure our clients’ tax returns are prepared efficiently and timely.
Transactional Structuring
We help businesses structure economic transactions in ways that minimize the tax impact by advising them on acquisitions, sales and mergers.
Accounting Method Reviews
We review businesses’ tax accounting methodologies for proper accounting and accounting method strategies to maximize income tax benefits.
Transfer Pricing Studies
Our transfer pricing specialists can provide your business with consultations and studies to assist you with determining appropriate "arms'-length" pricing among related companies.
Research Credit Calculations
We can help your business determine if it is eligible to claim certain federal and state research credits, assist with the documentation requirements and quantify the amount of the tax credit.
Real Estate Cost Segregation Studies
At [COMPANYNAME], we have proven cost segregation strategies that can be used to accelerate real estate tax depreciation deductions for businesses.  This results in a deferral of taxes which in turn increases cash flow.
Cost segregation works by separating the costs of property from the building, land acquisition or construction costs.  This benefits your business because the property has a shorter useful life for depreciation purposes when it stands on its own than when it is combined with the longer lived building or land.
There are certain limitations surrounding cost segregation.  It can only be performed on buildings constructed, acquired, enhanced or expanded in 1986 or later.  Additionally, certain industries tend to have buildings with the most potential for tax deferral and improved cash flows.  These industries include but are not necessarily limited to the following:
•    Auto dealerships
•    Hospitals and medical facilities
•    Industrial facilities
•    Manufacturing facilities
•    Office buildings
•    Retail stores and shopping centers
•    Apartment or condominium complexes
•    Supermarkets and restaurants
Audit & Appeal Representation
We possess the expertise and experience to represent taxpayers before tax authorities.  Our tax professionals understand the dispute resolution and appeals process and work diligently to obtain you the most favorable results.
International Tax Assistance
Business is becoming increasingly international.  More companies than ever deal with foreign tax issues at some level and this will only increase with continued globalization.  At [COMPANYNAME], we can help you navigate the complexities of a variety of international tax planning issues including the following:
•    Choosing the most advantageous type of entity and corporate structure
•    Subpart F income determinations
•    Foreign tax credit utilization
•    Using IC-DISC for tax reduction
•    Transfer pricing
•    Foreign earnings repatriation
•    Foreign withholding and reporting obligations
•    Treaty interpretation
State and Local Tax Specific Services
Nexus Consulting and State Tax Liability Analysis
We can help you understand and navigate where your business is required to file and pay state and local taxes based on multistate activities.  Additionally, we will make recommendations of where to file and quantify potential tax liabilities associated with various state and local jurisdictions.
Sales and Use Tax Determination
We can assist you understand the sales and use tax consequences of specific transactions and ensure you meet any filing requirement.
Tax Planning Services
Federal Income Tax Planning
We aid businesses with all aspects of federal income tax planning.  This includes implementing federal income tax strategies that maximize savings, increase profits and manage cash flows.
State and Local Tax Planning
Our team understands the structural and transactional underpinnings of state and local regulations in ways that allow us to create solutions that mitigate tax liabilities. We provide state and local tax planning in the following areas:
•    Income tax
•    Franchise tax
•    Sales and use tax
•    Property tax
•    Other miscellaneous taxes
Business Succession Tax Planning
You spent your life building your business and now you want to pass it on to the next generation or sell the value you built.  We advise businesses on the proper succession planning to preserve your family and business legacy while also looking out for potential tax consequences that may result.
Other Tax Services
Accounting for Income Taxes
Financial accounting for income taxes can be complex.  Our professionals have the technical skills and experience to help our clients navigate through these complex requirements and create efficient income tax accounting and reporting.  We also help companies stay up-to-date with regulatory guidance and disclosure requirements. The services we offer allow our clients to minimize year-end surprises and reduce risk related to reporting.  These services include:
•    Calculation of tax provisions
•    Account for uncertain tax positions
•    Analyze current and deferred taxes
•    Prepare financial statement footnote disclosures
Tax Updates
We keep our clients up-to-date on the latest federal, state and international tax issues through webinars, newsletters, website postings and face-face to meetings.   By staying ahead of tax issues and we can communicate how they will impact you operations quickly and address them in a timely manner.
Individual Tax Services
When it comes to individual taxes, change provides opportunity.  We keep on top of these changes to provide you with the best advice and strategies, especially through planning opportunities.  You can depend on us for objective guidance and personal attention.  We believe in focusing on your long-term financial goals and steering your current needs in a direction to meet them.
Estate and Trust Tax Services
If you have not considered what will happen to your hard earned assets as you age and eventually pass on you should.  Without an estate plan, the wealth you worked your entire life to build will be distributed according to state law and not according to your wishes. Estate planning is crucial if you want to minimize taxes and distribute as much as possible to your preferred beneficiaries.
We will work with you to design an estate plan customized to your particular needs by utilizing a variety of planning vehicles such as family limited partnerships, trusts and charitable entities. Our team can assist you by performing the following:
•    Review wills and trust instruments.
•    Estimate estate taxes and strategize alternatives that may provide tax savings.
•    Review business issues including valuation and the transfer and/or disposition of business interests.
•    Identify potential liquidity problems caused by federal and state estate taxes for the continued operation of the family business, probate, administration costs, etc.
•    Develop a lifetime gifting program using vehicles such as family limited partnerships, charitable trusts and qualified personal residence trusts
•    Prepare estate, gift, fiduciary and non-profit tax returns
•    Advise you on the possible use of various trusts structures; including charitable remainder trusts, grantor annuity trusts, personal residence trusts, family partnerships, credit shelter trusts, marital deduction trusts and revocable lifetime trusts.
Looking for a little information right now? View the latest Tax and Financial News article in our Newsletter.
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Consulting Services
At [COMPANYNAME], our business is to know and understand your financial situation.  We offer services beyond compliance and combine our experience, expertise and knowledge to add value as a trusted advisor to your financial situation.
We offer the following consulting services:
Financial Processes
Every organization can benefit from being introspective, skeptical and analytical regarding their finances.  We work with organizations to develop the predictive capabilities necessary to adapt to rapid changes and outperform their peers.  Specifically, we can help you with:
•    Driving growth from new markets and opportunities.
•    Enhance cash management through working capital optimization and better capital allocation.
•    Improve finance operations by focusing on operational effectiveness, financial analytics as well as budgeting and forecasting.
•    Enable efficient regulatory compliance.
•    Effectively manage risk by identifying sources and improvements to mitigate high risk areas.
Business Valuation
Business valuations enable you to accurately determine the value of a business and its components.  It is essential that you know what a business is worth whether you are buying, selling, involved in litigation or planning your estate.  Our highly trained and experienced professionals work with attorneys, other accountants and financial institutions to ensure you are represented fairly.  Our business valuation team is comprised of Certified Valuation Analysts (CVA), Accredited Senior Appraisers (ASA) and accountants Accredited in Business Valuation (ABV).  Additionally, they are experienced in testifying in both Federal and State courts.  Here is a complete list of business valuation services we provide:
•    Marital dissolution
•    Partner or shareholder dissolution
•    Economic damages or bankruptcy
Financial Reporting
•    Purchase price allocation
•    Asset impairment testing
•    Intellectual property valuations
Business Planning
•    Buy and sell agreements
•    Purchases or sale of a business
•    General business planning
Bankruptcy and Insolvency Services
[COMPANYNAME], Bankruptcy and Insolvency Group provides financial advisory services to Chapter 11 and Chapter 7 bankruptcy trustees, debtors, unsecured creditors and estate fiduciaries. We can aid you in include formal insolvency proceedings, out of court corporate wind-downs, reorganizations and liquidations.  Details of the various services our bankruptcy and insolvency group offers are detailed below:
Bankruptcy Trustees
•    Facilitate electronic records retrieval.
•    Identify hidden assets.
•    Assist with asset sales.
•    Assist with document requests.
•    Perform claims, insolvency and fraudulent transfer analyses.
•    Prepare required tax returns.
•    Provide expert testimony.
•    Assist with the software set-up to segregate pre- and post-petition activity.
•    Bankruptcy schedule preparation.
•    Prepare cash flows and budget to actual analysis.
•    Perform claims analyses.
•    Provide guidance to development of a viable reorganization plan.
•    Prepare required tax returns.
Creditors' Committees
•    Assess the reasonableness of cash flows
•    Analyze budgets to actuals.
•    Perform preference analyses.
•    Investigate insider transactions.
•    Search for fraudulent transfers and asset misappropriations.
•    Analyze solvency.
•    Prepare reports and provide expert testimony.
Estate Fiduciaries
•    Assist with the sale of hard assets.
•    Assist with negotiating private sales of intangibles.
•    Develop causes of action to recover assets.
•    Distribute estate assets to creditors on the basis of priority ranking.
Forensic Accounting
Fraud is an ever present and growing problem for business organizations. It can go undetected for years and is often committed by “trusted” employees.  Fraud impacts nearly every organization regardless of size and the costs can be substantial.
At [COMPANYNAME], our forensic accounting team is comprised of highly trained Certified Fraud Examiners (CFE’s) and accountants Certified in Financial Forensics (CFF’s). We believe the best way to deal with fraud is to prevent it.  Our approach goes beyond looking at the numbers to analyze and interpret them and understand the story they tell.   We assess and protect organizations from fraud through a rigorous step by step approach as follows:
•    Evaluate your organization’s overall fraud risk.
•    Identify possible fraud schemes with an eye toward industry specific criteria.
•    Rate any recognized schemes and analyze risk tolerance.
•    Develop policies, procedures and strategies to mitigate the fraud.
•    Implement and test detection and prevention against future fraud.
Check out our Newsletter for the latest article on Financial Planning.
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Payroll Services
We offer customized electronic payroll systems to meet the specific needs and demands of your business.  Letting us handle your payroll means you never have to worry about keeping up with tax law or reporting requirements again.
Our payroll system provides a wide array of options including direct deposit, compliance reporting, tax filing and more.  We can set-up automatic reports to allow you to review you payroll as efficiently as possible.
Our payroll system includes the following capabilities:
•    Withholdings calculations for Federal and all 50 states
•    Multiple payroll schedules and types including retroactive, tips, and reimbursements
•    Direct Deposit
•    Wide array of standard deductions and an unlimited number of custom deductions
•    Tracking and accrual of vacation, personal, and sick time
•    Electronic payment of federal and state payroll taxes
•    Filing of quarterly and annual federal and state payroll forms
•    Complete W-2 and W-3 reporting
•    Full range of compliance reports
•    Our professional advice and guidance on payroll matters
Bookkeeping Services
Good financial information provided in a timely and accurate manner is essential to good management. Let us perform your bookkeeping and save yourself time, money and distractions.  This will allow you to focus on what you do best – running your business. Our firm provides a full range of bookkeeping services including the following:
•    General ledger & financial statement preparation
•    Adjusting journal entries
•    Book keeping on an Monthly, Quarterly or Annual basis
•    Accounting system setup for new businesses



The aerospace industry develops and manufactures planes, engines and related components for the civil and defense markets. Over the past five years, the industry's commercial segment rapidly rebounded with demand lifted by rising global air travel and fleet replacement. Rapid economic growth in emerging markets also increased global air travel – and as a result has increased demand for exports of large commercial aircraft. The U.S. economic recovery also led to increased domestic air travel, helping demand for commercial aircraft – even though most demand is being driven by fleet replacement. The defense industry, however, has been hit hard by declining U.S. defense spending. Industry consolidation will also continue, especially as increased demand encourages a larger formation of suppliers that have the capacity to handle this demand.

The automotive industry involves the manufacturing of vehicles and parts for commercial and individual purposes. As the economy rebounded after 2010, consumer sentiment rose – and interest rates at historically low levels combined with extra incentives increased demand. Prospects ahead are encouraging for the industry, and profit is expected to trend upward over the next five years as industry operators benefit from rising vehicle sales and the cost-cutting measures enacted during the downturn.
Generally, automakers are focusing on the production of smaller, lighter and more fuel-efficient vehicles to become more competitive in the wake of rising regulations and volatile fuel prices. Shifting consumer preferences, along with a general recovery in the demand for vehicles, is expected to lift industry revenue over the next five years. Additionally, re-shoring activity is anticipated to become prominent as more flexible labor agreements encourage industry operators to expand domestically.

The construction industry has strongly rebounded over recent years. Tight credit markets, lower consumer spending and high unemployment slowed growth until recently as demand for new commercial and residential space has been low.
Commercial construction typically lags behind the overall economy by one to two years due to the length of contracts. As economic activity has increased, contractors' backlogs have filled and demand for new construction has picked up. As a result, many construction outfits are now able to raise prices – slowly leading to increasing profit margins.
Road and highway construction is also expected to increase due to the need to repair, expand and rebuild existing infrastructure. Together with growing congestion caused by urban sprawl, these factors will force authorities to spend. Demand is expected to remain strong over the coming years in all areas as a result of decreasing office vacancy rates, increased infrastructure spending and greater new home starts.

Oil & Gas
The oil and gas industry has been challenged by recent declines in oil prices, which are now expected to be sustained for some time. New technologies and extraction techniques, however, are enabling a quick recovery from the negative shock of low prices. Domestic production of oil and gas has steadily increased, and industry operators have positioned themselves to perform strongly in the future.
The industry includes a few extremely large globalized companies that typically engage in all steps of the production process – everything from exploration to refining. These large companies received the majority of the benefits from the emergence of hydraulic fracturing and horizontal drilling techniques. As operators deplete their reserves, it becomes increasingly necessary to improve efficiency and minimize waste. Nonetheless, the number of industry operators is expected to increase, as previously uneconomical resources have become accessible.

Finance and Banking
The finance and banking industries serve to facilitate personal and corporate investment and financing activities.
Commercial banks are experiencing low revenues due to historically low interest rates. Furthermore, non-interest income remains volatile due to weakness in private business start-ups and expansions, as well as a sluggish residential real estate economy. One bright aspect has been mortgage refinancing, which has seen robust activity as people move out of higher interest mortgages. The industry is experiencing significant consolidation recently, and the robust performance of capital markets over the past several years has also boosted profit margins. In addition, the number of credit-worthy borrows has increased.
Looking to the future, government regulation and technology-driven competition are expected to dramatically change the business model that commercial banks use. Revenue will become less volatile, and big banks will grow deposits at a faster rate than smaller savings institutions since their reputations were damaged due to the significant number of bank failures that occurred during the economic downturn.

Grocery Stores
The supermarket and grocery store industry has grown recently due to a strengthening of the domestic economy. Average disposable incomes have grown over the past few years, and as a result some consumers have traded up to premium brands with a focus on organic and all-natural items. On the downside, food costs have been inflationary in general – which has caused many consumers to continue purchasing private label and generic brands.
Despite growth, grocery stores are facing intense competition from alternative retailers – especially warehouse clubs and supercenters – because of the savings and convenience they can offer. In response to this competition, many supermarkets are offering substantial discounts and promotions to drive foot traffic and strengthen consumer loyalty.
Steady commodity prices and flattening input costs should benefit all food sellers, but overall the increased competition will continue to place downward pressure on traditional supermarkets and grocery stores.
The restaurant industry has grown over the past several years thanks to declining unemployment and improved consumer confidence, resulting in greater spending on sit-down meals. While profit margins remains slim, costs have been kept under control resulting in growth through volume.
Full-service chain restaurants operate in competition against independent restaurants, fast-food chains and other establishments offering meals to eat in or take away. The trend over recent years has been greater convenience at a lower cost, which has hurt sit-down meals restaurants the most. In response, full-service restaurants have invested in technology to cut costs and redesigned layouts. Fast casual restaurants that serve high-quality food at reasonable prices will keep increasing competitive pressures and force profit margins to remain slim into the foreseeable future.

The healthcare industry is comprised of many players; however, it is driven by primary care doctors and hospitals. The aging population has increased demand for healthcare services in recent years with no expectation of this trend easing.
Chronic illnesses are disproportionately prevalent in older adults and rising significantly due to demographic shifts. Additionally, the passage of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act now requires all individuals to obtain healthcare coverage. As a result of rising coverage, demand for primary care has grown substantially. But despite this growth, the number of primary care doctors has not expanded enough to keep pace with demand.
The hospital segment is consolidating and organizations are seeking the most skilled and specialized healthcare professionals. Consequently, labor costs in this industry are high and hospitals are increasingly facing nurse and physician shortages. Home healthcare and remote diagnosis of routine minor illnesses are becoming more common.

The technology industry has grown dynamically over recent years as businesses and consumers buy more software, computers and mobile devices. Additionally, a side effect of web-based solutions and mobile devices has been an explosion of sensitive, private data requiring complex security software products.
The near-term is expected to center on software increasingly entering day-to-day activities as well as the rise of big data predictive analytics and artificial intelligence. Phones and mobile computing devices are providing new platforms on which software publishers can compete. Additionally, the rapid move toward cloud computing is opening an array of software possibilities as phones and tablets are no longer limited by low storage capacity. Finally, demand for security software to protect data is expected to rise considerably as new technologies continue to enter everyday life more and more.

The manufacturing industry is comprised of a variety of participants – everything from large, multinational corporations to local, family-owned businesses. Furthermore, these companies make everything from small specialty parts to household appliances and large construction equipment. As a result, the manufacturing industry is highly dependent on the health of other industries – especially construction and housing.
In recent years, the manufacturing industry has been forced to contend with increased international competition and the lingering effects of the recession. International competition comes primarily from low-wage countries with little employment and environmental regulation. This enables competitors to manufacture products at significantly lower costs. In response, many domestic companies have off-shored production. The future trend, however, is expected to include substantial repatriation of manufacturing due to consumer frustration with the low quality of foreign products. On the domestic side, upgrades in infrastructure and a continued housing recovery are anticipated to lead to greater demand.

The retail market is made up of two primary segments: small, specialty retailers and larger, big box stores. The retail industry is highly fragmented as it comprises an array of products. As a result, the industry is driven primarily by macroeconomic trends.
Over the past several years, warehouse clubs and online retailers have taken market shares by providing one-stop shopping and lower prices. This competition has forced out underperformers; however, it has not reduced the overall number of small shops. This is because there is significant freedom of entry and exit due to the low capital and other entry requirements for the industry.
Going into the future, the biggest threat to brick and mortar stores will come from online retailers. In order to survive, smaller shops will have to get in the online game themselves, as well as improve their efficiency and value proposition. As a consequence, surviving retailers are expected to realize higher profit margins and have a bright future.

Real Estate
The real estate industry is closely aligned with fluctuations in the residential and commercial real estate markets. Industry revenue is directly correlated with property prices and real estate transaction volumes because pay is commission based. The residential market represents more than two-thirds of industry revenue, making the industry especially sensitive to housing prices and existing home sales.
Increasing disposable income and low interest rates have helped increase home affordability and bolstered demand. Additionally, rising house prices lead the way for steady gains in industry revenue. However, anticipated gains in employment will force the Federal Reserve to raise interest rates over the next few years. Higher interest rates will increase borrowing costs and reduce demand for homeownership. Both factors have the potential to limit industry growth in the coming years.

Travel agencies are growing once again. Traditional operations are reinventing themselves to remain relevant in an industry now dominated by online travel websites, such as Expedia and Priceline. Consumers can now research locations, compare prices, book travel and manage reservations without the assistance of an expert, negating the role of traditional travel agencies. Consequently, many travel agencies have been forced to find new markets and niches, such as serving the corporate sector or luxury travelers.
International trips, especially those to exotic locations, generally involve more complicated arrangements that require the services of professional travel agents. The traditional industry has also benefited from an increase in travel to emerging economies, as consumers are more inclined to have their plans organized by a professional when there is uncertainty surrounding their destination. Consumers who remain price conscious and who are comfortable making their own travel arrangements online will continue to present a significant challenge to the industry's thousands of traditional travel agencies.



How do you bill for your services?

Our standard billing procedure is to bill monthly. We require payment upon receipt. All standard forms of payment are accepted including credit cards.

What hours are you available?

We are available during normal business hours, which are 8:30 to 5:30, Monday through Friday. We would be happy to make special arrangements for evening or weekend consultations.

What role do you play if the IRS audits me?

We will spend up to one full hour with you at no charge, going over the return in question with you. After that, our regular fees apply.

How much and what kind of preparation do you need for my return?

We prefer that your materials be in a computer accounting program, but we have taken materials in almost every imaginable form. Contact us with questions about specific software packages.

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