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Google Mobile Website Test

Google Mobile Website TestGoogle Mobile Website TestService2Client recommends this code conversion if you want to be found on a cell phone.

Google started giving more ranking weight to "Mobile" and "Responsive" websites in April 2016.

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Google Mobile-Friendly - Search Algorithm Changes

When Google officially announces changes to its search algorithm (the sorting mechanism that determines how prominently the Google search engine ranks a specific business or product), e-commerce businesses sit up and take notice.  

Google has indicated that mobile search soon would be a significant ranking factor for quite some time. We already know that Google has added "mobile-friendly" to search results as well as a mobile usability report to its Google Webmaster Tools (GWT). In March, Google removed any lingering doubts, announcing: "Starting April 21, we will be expanding our use of mobile-friendliness as a ranking signal." This announcement went on to say that the change would affect mobile searches in all languages worldwide and would have "a significant impact on our search results."

In other words, after this date, companies with mobile-friendly websites can expect to receive better (higher) rankings in searches. Google usually doesn't give users a heads-up on pending changes, let alone provide a specific date. Industry analysts believe this departure from the company's usual practice is intended to motivate laggards – who've adopted a "head in the sand" attitude – to take action without delay.

Although Google has provided an early warning on pending logarithm changes, the company has not provided much detail. Industry experts have been able to pry a few points out of Google. Notably, they expect that tablets will not be affected by the update and that Google is planning a dedicated mobile index. If you plan to launch a mobile website in response to Google search engine changes, industry experts suggest you consider the following.

Responsive Versus Dedicated Mobile Websites

A responsive website is a standard website that guides a mobile device on how best to display it. Responsive websites work across all types of hardware – desktop computers, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. On the downside, some e-commerce experts think that dedicated websites developed specifically for mobile devices work faster and are more user-friendly.

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