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Is Dropbox Secure for Accountants?

Is Dropbox secure for accountants?

Is Dropbox secure for accountants?

Is Dropbox secure for accountants? Dropbox is a cloud-based service that allows users to store files online. With a free plan and a paid plan for users whose storage exceeds 2 G.B., users can share files and folders without needing to send large attachments. A user only needs to share a link to specific files, saving them from the need to send e-mail attachments. It also offers a backup, meaning that if a device such as a laptop or mobile phone is lost, you still have access to your files.

Dropbox has layers of protection and secure infrastructure to ensure the safety of user files. However, since its launch to the public in September 2008, Dropbox has had several worrying security breaches. For instance, in 2011 an update to the service introduced an error that allowed anyone to access any Dropbox account using the e-mail address only. Although the error was quickly fixed, it put user data at risk.

One of Dropbox's severe data breaches was in 2012 when the e-mails and passwords of 68 million users were exposed. As reported in The Washington Post, it took Dropbox four years to report the data breach

In 2017, an error caused users deleted files to reappear in their accounts, meaning that the service still had user data that should have been deleted. Such an incident puts user data at risk in case of a leak.

Accountants deal with sensitive client data and should avoid taking chances regarding data security. Therefore, when looking for an alternative that ensures high-level security is best.

Is Dropbox secure for accountants? For guaranteed confidence and peace of mind, ICFiles offers a secure file-sharing system that sets itself apart from other alternatives by utilizing technologies that ensure speed and security. This is because ICFiles stores files on a SOC 2 Type II data center, stored files are encrypted, regular security and vulnerability scans, one-way encryption for all account passwords, and high upload speeds, among other features that ensure total security.

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